Twice As Long, And Then Some

The title of this post is about the fact that I rode a bit more than twice as long as yesterday, time-wise, and that makes me feel great. It didn’t even feel as long as yesterday’s ride, and that also makes me feel really good. I was willing to go further, but my legs were starting to hurt a bit, and so I knew that it was better to turn around and return home than to keep on going and risk injury. This way, I’ll just be sore and injury free later on.

It was a good evening to ride. I saw a rainbow, and, while there were clouds covering the sky, the air was warm and clean. It was a bit warmer than I like, but then I prefer coolness. There were a few sprinkles coming down as I started, but I didn’t care. It felt good, really.

I’m going to take tomorrow off from riding. Two days in a row is good to start. I’ll ride again after I get up on Monday. Normally I’d go out Sunday after work, but I work tomorrow night – unusual for me – and I know I’ll be ready to just sleep by the time I get home tomorrow morning.

My plan is to ride every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, as well as going out sometimes the other three days of the week – depending on when I get up and weather.

The more I ride, the less weather’ll hinder me, and the easier it’ll be to just get up and go.

I’m excited about what’s to come as a result of this!


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