I’d Said That I Was Going To Rest Today, But I Just Couldn’t Help Myself

From my blog at MyFitnessPal

Yes, I had said that I was going to rest today, but I just couldn’t help myself. I got up & went for a ride. This one was the longest one yet. I’m so thankful for the Strava cycling app. It saves me having to keep track of times and distance myself, and it maps out my route for me. It’s a lot easier to keep track this way.

Normally I don’t work Sunday nights, but I do tonight. No worries – an extra shift here & there is good for the extra pay, and I don’t mind helping out. Everyone should be willing to pull her own weight.

So I’d slept through the day and had a really good sleep. The best in ages. I know it had to do with having had two rides in the past couple of days as well as being quite tired.

When I got up, I greeted each of my cats and shut Petal up in the bedroom so that she could eat in peace without Lucius trying to get at her food. Then I spent time with Dublin as he lay in the sun. I gave him lots of belly rubs – he’d exposed his belly in an invitation for such an honour – and lots of head strokes. He was totally blissed out by this, and it did me a world of good as well to see my ginger buddy so happy.

For those who don’t know, I have three cats. Dublin is my oldest, at about 5 1/2 years old, and he’s been with me the longest. We’ve shared 4 1/2 wonderful years together and will be blessed by many more, I hope. He’s my best buddy and we have a special, deep bond. He’s a ginger tabby who’s the sweetest puss around.

Lucius is my black buddy. All black, and sleek and svelte like a panther. While Dublin is my house cougar, Lucius is my house panther. He is also a sweetheart and very loving. He’s a lot of fun and is my hungry boy. Everytime there’s food around, he’s there, investigating and hoping for a few nibbles.

Petal’s my baby girl, at 16 weeks old this past Friday. She’s a tortoiseshell cutie who’s been with us for four weeks this past Friday. I’m not  yet totally sure about her personality, as she’s obviously still very young and has a lot of growing yet to do, but so far, she’s full of life and love, and she sticks by me a lot of the time. She’s not glued to me as often as she first was, but she still likes to follow me around and see what’s up.

So that’s my clowder or glaring, as a group of cats is called.

After showering Dublin with love, I made sure that he and Lucius had plenty of food in their bowls. I keep them up where Petal can’t reach them since she’s not nearly old enough for adult food. I then changed into my bike shorts and the sleeveless shirt I often wear for cycling. This was after slathering myself with sunscreen. I hadn’t worn it the last two rides, but today I did. I suddenly realised that I should be wearing it. It might sweat off, but at least for the start it’s there.

Off I went!

I got to the point I’d reached yesterday, but I went beyond it. There was a small hill just beyond the point at which I’d turned around yesterday, and I made it up there. It was a bit of an effort for me, but not much once I remembered to change gears. I felt good once I got up that. As out of shape as I am, I’m celebrating every milestone. haha

Pedalling on, I went to the end of a cement barrier that is along the side of the bridge crossing the Maria Slough. I stopped, had some Nutty Club Nuts And Raisins mix, and drank some water. I just sat for a while, enjoying the sun and the fresh air and the beauty around me. Seabird Island – where I was – is a gorgeous location and is one of my favourite places for cycling.

I got back on my bike and turned around. I had a higher and steeper hill to go up – an overpass that goes over the small hill I’d previously ridden – and I pedalled as fast as I could in order to get up as much speed and momentum as possible. I made it farther than I’d hoped, but I still had to walk about half way up. No worries! I’ll ride the whole way up again one day. I’m still getting started and don’t want to push myself too much, although I might have today a wee bit.

At the top of that hill, I needed to stop and rest. Man, I felt strange! I knew that if I’d continued instead of keeping on, I’d have bonked. I really don’t want to get to that point, especially now when I’m just starting out again. I rested and drank more water – slowly – ’til I felt well enough to go on. I knew what was ahead and that it would be a reward for me.

I’m such a child inside in some ways! One of the best parts of this route is always zooming down the hill! Today, my top speed was 36.7 km/h, and I know that’s when I was coasting down the hill. So much fun! Sometimes I’ll let out a whoop just for joy! 😀

The remainder of the way home was just a simple ride. I was greeted eagerly by Blizzard, the Beagle X who lives with the family upstairs from me in this house. She’s a sweet dog.

It was good to get home & greet my fuzz butts and then to shower & rinse all that sunscreen and sweat off. Now I’m feeling a bit tired and stiff, but it’s good because it was earned while doing something I enjoy.

I’m taking tomorrow off since I have to do laundry and I really do need a day off now from it to rest. I’ll be wanting to go out, but methinks if I go out tomorrow, I’ll be overdoing it, and that’s not good.

So that’s my ride for today. Thanks for going along with me. 🙂

Me on my ride today.



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